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Banking Services

Business Services

When it comes to the handling of your business funds, you need a partnership with an experienced Banker you can trust. At Merchants Bank of California, N.A. our top priority is to provide you with a variety of banking products and services that make your life simpler.

Account Reconcilement Services

Account Reconcilement Services enable you to gain greater control of issued and outstanding checks while reducing clerical costs and effort. These services prove to be an invaluable money saver for companies who issue a large number of checks from one or more accounts.

Courier Service

With Courier Service from Merchants Bank of California, N.A., reliable couriers deliver check deposits to the branch for same day processing. You have complete control over your courier service and you can prearrange pick up times. The courier will deliver your deposits in sealed, tamper evident bags for immediate deposit. They are signed out at your location on your courier's manifest and then signed for again at the bank branch to verify safe arrival.

Courier Service saves you valuable time so you can focus on growing your business. Meeting daily deposit deadlines is a stress of the past, giving you the opportunity to focus your energy on the other important facets of your business.


Lockbox expedites the crediting of a company’s receivables into their corporate checking account by having payments mailed to a designated Post Office Box for accelerated pick-up and bank processing.

Merchant Payment Services

Accept payments for your business through a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, a computer or the internet. Offer more payment options to your customers to help increase your sales.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool offered through our Cash Management department. It protects customers against altered checks and counterfeit check fraud. Positive Pay matches each check presented for payment against a previously authorized and issued list of transmitted checks. If a check does not have a “match” in the file, the Bank sends customer an image of the check and awaits instructions from customer on whether to pay or return the item.

Zero Balance Accounts

Simplify your cash monitoring by using a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) which allows you to automatically consolidate your checking funds on deposit. A ZBA allows your business to have separate accounts for segregation of expenditures and receipts and eliminates the need to manually transfer funds between deposit accounts. With a ZBA, excess balances are automatically concentrated and transferred as needed between accounts to cover any deficits.